The Sensible Switch

With innovative new financing options, reducing monthly utility bills through solar is now achievable for all businesses.

With South Africa’s ever deteriorating electricity infrastructure, unreliable supply and unpredictable tariff increases, it has become a necessity for businesses to procure alternative energy sources in an effort to reduce downtime and operational costs. The shift to renewable energy however, requires large capital investment in exchange for long-term benefits – which is not a feasible option for many businesses.

Hanonox recently added an innovative solar finance option to their solution portfolio, enabling businesses to seamlessly switch to solar with zero capital investment or risk – offering immediate bottom-line savings and ownership of the equipment at the end of the contract term. This unique finance solution can save businesses up to fifty percent* of their current utility bill, with options to upgrade the system to completely off-grid.

“We are committed to environmental sustainability, reducing the current grid load and offering clients solutions that reduce operational costs and downtime. With the current water shortage in Cape Town and the country’s electricity disruptions in the past, South Africa is becoming increasingly aware of how crucial prevention and preparation are for businesses in times of crisis. There is a high demand for alternative and grid-tied energy systems, and we aim to meet that demand by designing accessible solutions for any application,” says Nathan Bergemann, Director of Hanonox.

In addition to saving on monthly electricity costs and contributing to environmental health, solar modules are exceptionally robust and reliable, producing electricity for over twenty-five years or more. Regardless of the preferred payment option (cash or financed), installing solar guarantees long-term benefits and return on investment.

*Depending on the utility rates, solar incentives and choice of finance option

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